Monday, January 19, 2009

The Legacy of Bush the Younger... As told by Tara Hill

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That an African-American could or would waste breath extolling the virtues of any member of the Bush clan, but in particular of Bush the Younger is absolutely astonishing. You compare the legacy of President Clinton, a Rhodes scholar, with Bush, a man who could barely speak the English language? You allow that the debacle in Iraq was at the very least, a "miscalculation" and yet you still believe that he "delivered on the moral front?" Seriously, how can that possibly square? Thousands of your own men and women killed or maimed, tens to hundreds of thousands of other people's sons and daughters killed or maimed or displaced, all in service to a war that the world knew was wrong, and that Americans "suddenly" discovered was wrong in 2006. There will be no legacy for Bush. He is and was an embarrassment, first to the state of Texas, then to your country as a whole. The "moral standing" of the United States has never been brought more low by a President. You sling mud at Clinton, but if you will remember any stain he left on the Presidency was only in the minds of conservative reactionaries. Governments around the world joined together in mocking the puerile attacks by the Republican party. And, it was no less a "luminary" than Newt Gingrich himself who recently admitted to pursuing and engaging in an affair while he was leading the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. Whatever you think you know, Ms Wall, you do not. Whatever Bush and his cabal have told you, you are misinformed. Whatever purported attack that Bush's handlers are spending much energy to leak into the news, that would show the "greatness" of Bush, forget it. Doesn't exist. If an attack was thwarted, I have no doubt the progenitors were more upset with US military action in Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, and/or Indonesia, than any incursions into Afghanistan. The hornet's nest has been stirred, and violently shaken. Bush, as a direct result of his stunning lack of mental capacity, has put the world on a course to global war. In global wars, minorities die in great numbers. That is a fact of history. Why is any time being wasted on a defense of such a President? Perhaps because, the time will soon be with us when Bush is forced to prepare a defense...

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